Reindustrialization in the power tool manufacturing sector
Year 2018, Reindustrialization
Our customer is a large German group operating in electrical equipment and plastic components, with several plants in Italy. The company employed around 170 people at the plant we were working on and produced both finished products for the parent company and components for other companies. The site, located in northern Italy, occupied a covered area of 20,000 sqm.
Why we intervened

The parent company intended to relocate part of its domestic production, shutting down the activities of the aforementioned plant. We were asked to find an industrial player with compatible business, interested in developing its activity by taking over the asset and re-employing the people, with a phase-out contract.

How we intervened

- Feasibility analysis and reindustrialization project;
- National and international search for potential taking over companies;
- Support to the design of the operation and to the definition of its structure;
- Support to due diligence activities;
- Support to negotiations with various counterparts involved.

The outcome

A company, engaged in plastic moulding for the production of casings for portable batteries, acquired the company by absorbing about 140 workers. The result was achieved within 12 months of the start of the process.

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