Operational consulting in the plastic packaging sector
Year 2018, Operational Consulting
The company is a French fruit and vegetable packaging group and operates through 20 specialized companies with an organization of about 2,500 employees.
Why we intervened

The customer detected inefficiencies on logistics flows in one of its packaging and thermoforming plants in central Italy, with serious delays in the management of means of transport, and in meeting delivery schedules to the customer. Therefore, an organizational intervention was necessary to analyse the supply chain and achieve a more efficient and autonomous management of the business.

How we intervened

-Analysis of the entire supply chain and logistics flows, from raw material entry to finished product shipment;
- Presentation of a project for the automatic preparation of trucks which would optimize truckloads and picking preparation;
- Evaluation and optimization of the supplier base of external logistics carriers;
- Reorganization of the logistics office with staff rotation;
- Improvement proposals for stock reordering.

The outcome

The changes made reduced cost items related to the use of external carriers by about 25%. 100% utilization of trucks was also achieved in terms of both capacity and punctuality, with a significant reduction in order fulfilment time.

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