Operational consulting in the industrial tools manufacturing sector
Year 2019, Operational Consulting
The company, which operates from a plant in northern Italy, belongs to a multinational company with 37,000 employees that operates in 180 countries in the compressor and industrial tool manufacturing industry.
Why we intervened

The customer detected production stops and inefficiencies in the departments, with utilization ratios of some machines too low. Therefore, an organizational intervention was necessary to identify performance improvement measures.

How we intervened

- Job and production time analysis, including through ad hoc videos on assembly, testing and painting lines;
- Production of time sheets and methods-time measurement;
- Proposals for improvement of both workstations and line layout, with cost/benefit quantification;
- Production of AutoCAD drawings with proposals for modifications of existing equipment or devising new solutions.

The outcome

The changes made increased the utilization factor of coating equipment from 40% to 62%; besides, a 20% saving in cycle time was achieved.

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