Operational consulting in the home appliance components sector
Year 2019, Operational Consulting
The company is a large Italian group operating in the automotive, HVAC and home appliance (“white goods”) sectors with about 5,000 employees. It operates through a plant in northern Italy with about 700 employees that produces components for the home appliance industry.
Why we intervened

The customer detected organizational inefficiencies in the valve packaging department that did not allow to achieve daily production targets. Therefore, an analysis of workflows and the identification of performance improvement measures were necessary.

How we intervened

-Analysis of workflows/production times and of department layout;
-Improvement proposals with cost/benefit analysis;
-Creation of a new department layout, with new ergonomic and modular workstations that would allow a rational and more efficient work organization.

The outcome

The changes made increased average productivity by about 20% and enabled the achievement of the targets set.

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