Debt & Grants in the cardboard packaging sector
Year 2019, Debt & Grants
The company is one of Europe largest producers of paper, cardboard and packaging, managing the entire cycle from recycled paper to finished product.
Why we intervened

The company asked for our support in order to identify a suitable financial line to quickly make new investments in production facilities at one of its plants located in a municipality belonging to a non-complex crisis area.

How we intervened

- Identification, together with corporate representatives, of the company’s actual needs;
- Verification of eligibility requirements for the identified call (Contratto di Sviluppo L. 181/89);
- Collection of documentation and information necessary for project drafting and preparation of application forms;
- Electronic submission of the application and support in the management of requirements after positive outcome notification;
- Support in relations with Invitalia.

The outcome

The company obtained more overall financing than expected (i.e., more than €11 million) with a large portion of non-repayable grant and clear savings in finance charges compared to the alternative of traditional financing.

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