HR Solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector
Year 2020, HR Solutions
Large Italian company leader in industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies with 3,500 employees globally, including more than 1,000 in Italy.
Why we intervened

The company asked us to assess the potential of junior resources (about 40 people) with the aim of acting on the retention of those most aligned.

How we intervened

- Definition with top management of an ad hoc competency model for this cluster, based on potential growth roles;
- Assessment centre with medium intensity tests and motivational interview to bring out expectations and critical issues of each candidate;
- Team development coaching course dedicated to resources with better potential for future leadership;
- Inclusive in-depth training classrooms to stimulate group engagement and sharing of best practices.

The outcome

- The solution was consistent with both organizational needs, in terms of succession planning, and the growth expectations of individuals.
- It ensured a high level of predictivity for development potential and enabled accurate retention strategies to be implemented.

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