HR Solutions in the B2B sales sector
Year 2020, HR Solutions
Italian business group leader in the market of B2B digital sales, customer satisfaction & retention services.
Why we intervened

The company needed to relocate a figure who could no longer be integrated into the structure in a sustainable and rewarding way.

How we intervened

- Activation of an outplacement programme to support the candidate in designing the best career goal based on his / her strengths;
- Support in the search for new opportunities using "business intelligenceˮ techniques and through effective network reconstruction and management;
- On-boarding coaching to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of the induction into the new organization.

The outcome

- The awareness arising from the assessment facilitated the separation process, turning it into a development opportunity for the candidate.
- The effective combination of talent management, recruiting and career coaching techniques enabled the candidate to relocate quickly, in a context and role effectively aligned with his / her strengths.

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