Operations consulting in the tyre industry sector
Year 2021, Operations
The multinational, Italy-based company is among the world's leading players in its field. It operates in 160 countries with more than 35,000 employees and 12 production plants.
Why we intervened

The customer asked us to perform a job analysis and several others aimed at possible ergonomic and performance improvements in various plants in Italy, Mexico, Russia, and Egypt.

How we intervened

-General analysis, mainly regarding time and methods, in Italian plants performed by our technicians and ergonomics experts;
-Presentation of improved solutions at zero or at least very low costs;
-Training course to all Production department heads;
-Support to the implementation activities of the arrangements.

The outcome

In general, our activity allowed a significant reduction in production time and a more efficient management of warehouse storage times. In several plants, it has been possible to reduce the production cycle by one shift.

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