Debt & Grants in the electronics sector
Year 2021, Debt & Grants
The company operates in the industrial electronics sector and specializes in contract electrical/electronic wiring and assemblies for various market sectors.
Why we intervened

The company needed to identify a financing line that would enable it to economically enhance, more quickly, in the international market, the value of the patent it was working on.

How we intervened

- Identification, together with corporate representatives, of the company’s actual needs;
- Verification of eligibility requirements for the identified call;
- Collection of documentation and information necessary for project drafting and preparation of application forms;
- Electronic submission of the application and support in the management of requirements after positive outcome notification.

The outcome

The application for the grant was successful. Upon completion of the activities within the timeframe set by the call, the company received a non-repayable grant equal to 80% of eligible expenses (€150,000.00).

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