Operational consulting in the automotive sector
Year 2021, Operational Consulting
With about 25,000 employees, the company is present on all five continents with 27 plants located in 16 countries around the world and is the leading truck manufacturer in Italy and France.
Why we intervened

The company asked us for an intervention aimed at optimizing the machine tools control processes and monitoring the related gauges in use. We were also asked to analyse work cycles for performance improvement purposes.

How we intervened

- Preparation of machine diagrams with equipment, tools and gauges in use;
- Definition of the work cycle (Prod-launch), with system upload;
- Issuance of the PFMEA, sharing contents with the plant team;
- Issuance of Control plan/ operation tags.

The outcome

The result of an improved monitoring of processes and equipment in the plant was achieved within a short time; several production issues were solved, also with the aim of improving the quality system.

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