HR Solutions in the industrial sector
Year 2023 - Ongoing, HR Solutions
A leading global manufacturer of industrial gaskets, spare parts for earth-moving machines and other technical liquid silicone rubber items for various applications.
Why we intervened

The company wanted to support the growth of their employees - especially those playing key roles and a group of young people with potential - by harmonizing it with the rapid development of the business in an increasingly ambiguous and competitive market. The aim of Vertus project is to develop 'responsible proactivity' in People, based on continuous learning and enhancement of skills and behaviours that can effectively support the achievement of strategic business objectives.

How we intervened

- We have supported the company management in focusing on values and predictive success skills;
- We measured, using objective tools, individual skills and aptitudes to develop unexpressed potential, making People aware of their gaps and motivating them for improvement;
- We laid the basis of a corporate culture consistent with business challenges and based on 'responsible proactivity';
- We asked what People look for in order to 'fit in' with the company, given the increasing instability of the labour market, strengthening the HR levers functional to attraction and retention;
- We have supported the company management in setting up agile HR processes, useful to govern organizational development in an orderly manner, making People feel co-responsible in each role and become 'key players' in growth.

The outcome

- The development of an in-depth climate survey, with the subsequent data aggregation, allowed the Management to get closer to their People, implementing an initiative of effective 'choral' involvement of the entire organization;
- The analysis allowed to support the Leadership Team in progressively aligning the expectations that emerged with the corporate culture that will be promoted in the years to come and in building a consistent and cohesive leadership style;
- The identification of a specific value and competency model and its use in the assessment of the degree of alignment of key figures and a group of young people with potential has allowed to set up an integrated training development project, which is making it possible to reinforce the areas of less expertise, guaranteeing the harmonious growth of individual employees and functional teams, in line with business challenges.

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