Debt & Grants in the medical industry and technology sector
Year 2022-2023, Debt & Grants
For more than fifty years, the company has specialized in the design, production and marketing of high-tech solutions and equipment aimed at a specific sector of the medical industry. It is present in around twenty countries and has an established position within the international reference market.
Why we intervened

The company requested our support to be assisted, with an effective strategic consultancy service, in its path of growth and development of new high-tech projects.

How we intervened

- mapping of business needs and of projects started / to be started in the short to medium term;
- regular contacts and meetings with the company - ongoing throughout the duration of the strategic consultancy contract - to provide up-to-date support regarding the various debt & grants measures published;
- enhancement of research and development and technological innovation activities already carried out in previous tax years;
- identification of calls for tenders suitable to support the implementation of new investments and high-tech projects (verification of eligibility requirements, collection of necessary documentation, electronic submission of applications and support in the management of requirements, management of interim and final reporting).

The outcome

The customer is constantly supported thanks to our ad hoc strategic consultancy service, which, to date, has resulted in the receipt of non-repayable grants and the recovery of tax credits.

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