Debt & Grants in the biomedical sector
Year 2022, Debt & Grants
A group of professionals with consolidated expertise and experience in the biomedical sector who set up a start-up specializing in the design, prototyping, and production of high-tech semi-finished products (e.g., medical devices, extruded microtubes for medical devices)
Why we intervened

The founding partners requested our advice to support the business project from the early stages in order to give a quick boost to the realization of the entrepreneurial idea and business.

How we intervened

- Support in assessing and choosing the legal form of the company to be established;
- Drafting the business plan and defining/estimating the timeframe for entry into operation;
- Selection of the most effective debt & grants solutions to support the start-up phase;
- Support in the design and submission of applications for subsidies on national and regional calls (verification of eligibility requirements, collection of necessary documentation, electronic submission of applications);
- Support in the management of interim and final reporting.

The outcome

The applications for subsidies submitted, specifically on national and regional calls, were successful. The company received substantial support in the form of a mix of subsidies (non-repayable grant and soft loan) covering ¾ of the total investment identified in the business plan.

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