Operational consulting in the chemical sector
Year 2022 - Ongoing, Operational Consulting
The company is an Italian SME that has been active in the field of surface chemical treatments for metals for many years. It has a state-of-the-art machinery fleet and employs a staff of specialized technicians able to support its customers in identifying the most suitable chemical treatments for their needs.
Why we intervened

The company defined a challenging business plan and requested support from GEDI advisors for process re-engineering, starting with an assessment of production and back-office processes (as-is) to reach an optimization of the entire organizational structure to significantly improve its profitability (to-be).

How we intervened

We selected a temporary manager who, working alongside the owners on a day-by-day basis, would realize, also through mentoring with the new generation, the goals of making the entire organization more efficient and improving its EBITDA.

The outcome

The project is ongoing. The results achieved to date:
+17% YoY revenues
- 20% saving on personnel costs

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