HR Solutions in the food sector
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Entrepreneurial food industry, a leader in the cured meats sector. The company, with 3 locations in Italy, is active throughout the entire supply chain, from breeding to slaughtering to processing and curing, and exports its products globally.
Why we intervened

The company needed support in managing the generational transition, that is, in assessing the suitability of the second generation for managerial roles.

How we intervened

- Identification and definition of the competency model through structured interviews with Corporate Management;
- Individual assessments for participants involved using ad hoc tools and tests. Subsequent feedback to the Corporate Management;
- Individual and group coaching and mentoring activities aimed at developing key competencies in new generation figures with identification of managerial outlet positions for each resource.

The outcome

- Such an approach is making it possible to understand whether the incoming generation has the skills, hard and soft, to continue the company's growth process.
- Focusing on the specific competency model, assessing the degree of alignment of the heirs to the model itself, and fine-tuning a development project that allows them to strengthen areas of lower expertise, combined with a hiring strategy for the inclusion of the missing professionals, once defined the organizational model most in line with the strategic objectives, represents the best integrated approach for the optimal management of these generational transitions.

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