Debt & Grants in the plastic sector
Year 2020, Debt & Grants
Start-up that has developed and patented a new polymer matrix material whose surface has active antibacterial characteristics to experience safe and hygienic healthcare environments.
Why we intervened

The company asked for our support in identifying the most suitable flexible corporate structure to achieve its business goals and planned investment program.

How we intervened

- Identification, together with corporate representatives, of the company’s actual needs;
- Verification of eligibility requirements for the identified call;
- Collection of documentation and information necessary for project drafting and preparation of application forms;
- Electronic submission of the application and support in the management of requirements after positive outcome notification;
- Setting up of an ad hoc vehicle (Innovative Start-Up);
- Support in obtaining financing from the banking channel.

The outcome

Being recognized as Innovative Start-up in the Chamber of Commerce, the company received significant investment from private investors and was able to access tax and financial incentives. New bank credit lines of more than 500,000 euros were also obtained.

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