Reindustrialization in the textile sector
Year 2021 - Ongoing, Reindustrialization
An important Italian industrial group operating for about 150 years in the textile sector, with 7 plants globally and over 1,000 employees. A company that has been active for almost 20 years and owns a factory in the province of Taranto belongs to the group.
Why we intervened

As a result of a reorganization of the production structure in Italy, the group has planned to close the plant; it is therefore necessary to find a solution of industrial continuity for the production site and the approximately 115 employees initially involved.

How we intervened

- Feasibility analysis and reindustrialization project; - National and international search for potential taking over companies; - Support to the design of the operation and to the definition of its structure; - Support to due diligence activities; - Support to negotiations with various counterparts involved; - Participation in institutional monitoring meetings; - Outplacement support activities.

The outcome

The project is ongoing, and, at the moment, a number of take-over proposals have been identified and submitted to the customer.

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