TREOFAN - Jindal Films Group

2019 – 2020

Type of intervention:

The company: The plant is owned by a large Indian multinational group, global leader in the
production of bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films for packaging, labels, tobacco and technical applications.


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As a result of a reorganization at European level, the multinational company started a
shutdown process that involved also the plant in Battipaglia (SA); it was therefore necessary to look for a solution of industrial continuity for the production site and for the approximately 70 employees involved.


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– Feasibility analysis and reindustrialization project;
– National and international research of potential successors;
– Assistance to the design of the operation and the definition of its structure;
– Assistance in due diligence activities;
– Assistance in the negotiations with various counterparts involved;
– Assistance in the presentation of the project and its progress to the Ministry of Economic Development.

The outcome

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An Italian group which produces plastic crates and containers, with particular attention to the circular economy and to the design of sustainable products and services, took over the site with a restructuring plan of the plant, which will be used for productions complementary to its own ones and also to provide electric power vehicles for the distribution of products to customers, absorbing and gradually training all workers employed in the site.