2016 – 2018

Type of intervention:
Integrated Reindustrialization and Outplacement

The company: Tirreno Power is one of the major independent producers of electricity in Italy, and is present nationwide with the thermal power stations of Torrevaldaliga Sud, Vado Ligure and Napoli Levante, and with 17 hydroelectric power stations distributed throughout the Appennino Ligure arc. Tirreno Power is equally controlled by Gruppo Sorgenia and Engie, an energy services multinational, present in Italy with more than 2600 employees.


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Given the decline of the demand as well as a different strategic approach to the coal thermoelectric production, the activity in Vado Ligure’s plant (Savona) had to stop, and an industrial continuity solution was needed for the industrial complex and for the over 100 employees involved.


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-Assessing feasibility and reindustrialization project;

-National and international research of potential incoming entrepreneurs;

-Assistance in the design of the operation and in the definition of the related structure;

-Assistance in the due diligence activities;

-Assistance in the negotiations with the various counterparts involved;

-Outplacement activities on collective and individual basis.

The outcome

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A leading actor, both nationally and internationally, in the sector of handling , aerial work through platforms and special transports, submitted the most interesting plan for the takeover of the facilities, recruiting the exceeding personnel that had not been outplaced yet. The brand new acquired areas have a positive impact on labor, thanks to the restructuring and construction interventions that will be realized, in the next 18 months. Moreover, over the next five years, the operator aims to hire 50 additional people, producing, moving on, new jobs up to 160 units.