2012 – 2013

Type of intervention:

The company: The company is the Italian branch of the American multinational Kemet, among the world’s main operators in the field of electronic capacitors. In Italy the company has taken over the activities of the former Arcotronics and boasts an organic of over 400 units divided in 3 productive units.


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Due to a re-shaping process of the productive set up, it was necessary to cease the activities in the plant of Monghidoro (Bologna)  and to find an industrial continuity solution for the productive complex and its 150 employees involved.


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-Feasibility analysis and reindustrialization project;

-National and international research of potential incoming entrepreneurs;

-Assistance in the design of the operation and in the definition of the related structure;

-Assistance in the due diligence activities;

-Assistance in the negotiations with the various counterparts involved.

We have encountered challenges due to the logistic situation of the productive site and to the characteristics of the plant.

The oucome

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An entrepreneur of electronic coils took over and bought the productive complex, reabsorbing a large percentage of the workers.

The project was chosen by AIDP (Italian Association of Directors of Personnel) as finalist of the AIDP Awards for the best project with a social impact in Italy.