2014 – 2015

Type of intervention:
Integrated Reindustrialization and Outplacement

The company: ILVA Group is the most important company in the steel industry in Italy. Active in the production and processing of steel, it is considered one of the industrial excellences of the country and one the most remarkable actors in this sector on a continental scale, with over 15.000 employees and 16 production plants: 13 in Italy and 3 in France.


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During the restructuring process (before the Special Administration procedure, ndr) it was necessary to cease the activities in the plant of Patrica (Frosinone) and to find an industrial continuity solution for the productive complex and its 70 employees involved.


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-Feasibility analysis and reindustrialization project;

– National and international research of potential incoming entrepreneurs;

-Assistance in the design of the operation and in the definition of the related structure;

-Assistance in the due diligence activities;

-Assistance in the negotiations with the various counterparts involved;

-Outplacement activities on collective basis.

The outcome

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A local operator, active in the field of aeronautical components manufacturing, presented an interesting project for the takeover. The operation didn’t go through due to the financial situation which eventually involved the ILVA group and stopped the process in place. A large percentage of workers, nevertheless, positively joined our outplacement activity.