2019 – 2020

Type of intervention:
Evaluation and development of potential

The company
Italian multinational leader in the field of technologies for industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning


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To map the potential of junior resources (1-2 years of seniority) and act on the retention of the
more aligned ones.


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– Definition with top management of a skills model ad hoc for this cluster, depending on the roles of potential growth;

– Assessment centre with medium intensity tests and motivational interview to bring out expectations and criticalities of each candidate;

– Team coaching path for group development, dedicated to resources with better future
leadership potential;

– Inclusive in-depth classrooms to stimulate the engagement of the group and the sharing of
best practices.

The outcome

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– The solution was consistent both with organizational needs, in terms of succession
planning, and with the growth expectations of individuals.

– It ensured a high level of predictability for the development potential and enabled accurate
retention strategies to be implemented.