2014 – 2015

Tye of intervention: Integrated Reindustrialization and Outplacement

The company: Guala Closures is one of the global leaders in the production of corks and bottle closures. With headquarters based in Castellazzo Bormida (Alessandria), the group boasts an income of over 1 billion Euro, as well as several production plants in Italy and abroad.


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Due to a re-shaping process of the productive set up, it was necessary to cease the activities in the plant of Torre D’Isola (Pavia) and to find an industrial continuity solution for the productive complex and its 90 employees involved.


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-Assessing feasibility and reindustrialization project;

-National and international research of potential incoming entrepreneurs;

-Assistance in the design of the operation and in the definition of the related structure;

-Assistance in the due diligence activities;

-Assistance in the negotiations with the various counterparts involved;

-Outplacement activities on collective basis.

During our intervention, we found some challenges: the workers were not prone to change, and scarcely participated to the activities in support of their outplacement. Furthermore, the production plant price request was considered too high for the location.

The outcome

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Our intervention was appreciated, both from the company and from the trade union representatives. Despite a deep research on national and international scale, entrepreneurs suitable for the takeover could not be found. This was also due to the challenges related to the sales conditions regarding the property.