Type of intervention:
Innovative Start-up

The company
The company is an Innovative Start-up that has developed and patented a revolutionary material
with unique properties. The company produces and sells sanitary ware made with this polymer matrix composite whose surface has active antibacterial characteristics to live today’s
environments in safety and hygiene. Moreover, the material has an impact resistance similar to any stone, a minimum water absorption (0,1%) and excellent mechanical properties that make it perfect for the use to which it is dedicated.


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The company, after having patented an innovative antibacterial material, plans to make important investments for the prototyping and production of sanitary ware. In order to reach this objective, it is necessary a flexible corporate structure that allows the entry of new partners and encourage its investment plan.

we are

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We have set up an ad hoc vehicle to maximize the public funding and tax incentives made
available thanks to the Innovative Start-up corporate model. We are supporting the new Start-up in the drawing on funding.

First outcome

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Being recognized as Innovative Start-up in the Chamber of Commerce, the company has obtained important investments from private investors and will be able to access tax and financial incentives.
The intervention of setting up an Innovative Start-up will ensure that the research and development plan will receive important funding from the Smart&Start program.