We are advisors coming from the business, who love working for the business and for its people.

We work in the processes of change – crisis, reindustrialization, corporate development – and we believe that, in an ever-changing scenario, changing is the best way to grow.

We support companies with all stakeholders, helping people to look for a rewarding working future and to achieve concrete objectives.

We work in order to create value and to make sustainable change , actively supporting the company and its employees.

Our mission

To create value in projects with a major social impact, helping companies and their stakeholders during the processes of crisis, reindustrialization and corporate development.

Our history

Our company was established in 2008 by Alessandro Ielo, and today counts on a good number of qualified professionals as well as the collaboration of different partners. To the initial activity, mainly focused on reindustrialization and on operational restructuring, over time we have added a variety of services addressed to human resources, especially concerning outplacement.

Vertus is enrolled in a Labor Agency of the Ministry of Labor (sections V and VI, authorization number 39/0002031 e 39/0002033).

We have acquired important mandates from Multinationals and Italian Groups, following the transition path of thousands of workers.

We are among the very few specialists in Italy in the field of the reindustrialization of industrial plants: we have sustained major Groups in the management of restructuring processes as well as in the achievement of effective solutions for requalification of employees.
In 2013 our reindustrialization project for the Kemet’s factory has been chosen by AIDP (Italian HR Manager Association) among the finalists for the AIDP Award, as the best social impact project in Italy.
In 2016 the financial holding Termofin S.p.A. has invested in our Company, with a share of 33%.

Our beliefs

We believe that manufacturing will remain the basis for the future development of our country
We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship, that has always distinguished our country
We believe in the active Welfare policies and we promote the Impact Restructuring
We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility policies and in an ethical way of doing business
We believe in a sharing and transparent approach, both internally and with our clients and their employees.
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