Why we have intervened
Due to an outplacement and re-shaping process of the productive set up on European scale , it was necessary to cease the activities in the plant of Villasanta (Monza) and to find an industrial continuity solution for the productive complex and its 220 employees involved.

How we have intervened

  • Assessing feasibility and reindustrialization project;
  • National and international research of potential incoming entrepreneurs;
  • Assistance in the designing of the operation and in the definition of the related structure;
  • Assistance in the due diligence activities;
  • Assistance in the negotiations with the various counterparts involved;
  • Outplacement activities on collective and individual basis.
  • Some difficulties were encountered: some facilities of the production plant had environmental issues and complex technological plants were not conceived to be divided into lots.

The outcome
We have identified some companies interested in the project: in particular an entrepreneur in the bicycle and home fitness sector has presented an interesting takeover project. The lack of property certification has jeopardized the completion of the operation. A good percentage of success has been obtained with employees outplacement.

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