The majority of Italian enterprises is struggling with identifying, accepting and successfully coping with a crisis situation.

Thanks to our industrial and managerial experiences, after having shared with the management the evaluation of the situation, we work alongside the companies that require an intervention of financial or organizational restructuring.

Our services are offered with a Tutorship approach: the entrepreneur and/or management is assisted in all the fundamental decisions, providing a real management operational support.

Our specializations, with particular regard to the corporate finance and HR areas, are:


  • M&A – mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity transactions
  • Financial and industrial partner scouting
  • Business and financial planning


  • Assessment of the skills and internal potentialities, also through Hogan tests or similar
  • Strategy for human resources development
  • Coaching for the requalification of human resources and outplacement services
  • Industrial relations
  • Strategy and support in the application of social security cushions

What makes us different

A complete understanding of the business dynamics, from the financial point of view to the productive and organizational one.
Interventions of individual or collective outplacement, also on an active labor contract.

We actively support people through a methodic search of new working positions and through a motivational coaching activity supporting of the requalification.

A highly qualified support in the choice and in the practices of fulfillment to implement social security cushions.

Our services



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