Businesses oriented toward speed, change, efficiency and sustainability will have great development opportunities in fast-moving  economic context such as the present one. In order to develop, many companies will need to redesign their business orienting themselves towards a sustainable change logic. We guide:

  • Entrepreneurs and managers in their strategic choices
  • Workers in all of the requalification steps

and we will be your strategic partner in the activated organizational processes.
Thanks to our industrial and managerial experiences, after having shared with the management the evaluation of the situation and the possible perspectives, we work alongside the companies that require an intervention for growing and the people in their professional development path.

Our services are offered with a Tutorship approach: the entrepreneur and/or management is assisted in all the fundamental decisions, providing a real management operations support.

Our specializations, with particular regard to the corporate finance and HR areas, are:


  • M&A – mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity transactions
  • Financial and industrial partner scouting
  • Multiannual economic and financial plans
  • Business and financial planning


  • Assessment of the skills and internal potentialities, also through Hogan tests or similar
  • Strategy for human resources development
  • Coaching on change management
  • Research and Selection

What makes us different

A complete understanding of the business dynamics, from the financial area to the productive and organizational one.

A provision of integrated services both in economics, finance and in the human resources.

An approach that at the same time is lean and that shares results with our clients.

Our services



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